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Online IT Certification

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Be transformed into IT certified professional by watching YouTube Educational channeles. Qualify
9 Online Modules Exams.

Get 9 certifications online,
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BEROOT Education Pvt. Ltd. can now make it happen, with the announcement of its IT Certification Program!

To get IT Certifications, Enroll with one time registration of Rs.90. Watch videos on IT Educational Youtube channels and at the end of every Moduel qualify online exam, Once you will complete a Module's Online Exam successfully, Certificate will be provided by BEROOT Education Pvt. Ltd. If you want to become an IT certified professional then click on "i want to join" button

Winner student of the exam, will win prize also.

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Our mission is to provide better IT education with certifications.
BEROOT Education Pvt. Ltd. is a group of best IT teachers who provide their services in Online Platform.Students can use menu of Course Module to start online learning. To view Complete Course Module click on Read More button

Course Content

Online IT Certification will be given on the following Modules--

1. Basic Electronics

2. Computer Hardware

3. System Administration

4. Networking LAN & WAN

5. Windows server

6. Linux Server

7. Web Hosting

8. IoT (Internet Of Things)

9. Ethical Hacking & Cyber security

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